Pack your Bags Vacation, here we (and our suitcases) come!

Everywhere Aug 01, 2022

How to avoid the pitfalls of leaving it all behind


Ever played the Truth or Dare game in the car?

Did you pack my glasses?

Is my passport with us?

Did we bring any phone-chargers?

Wait, did I even bring myself?

You can easily dodge accusing glares with some simple and proactive steps.

Packing on the day of the trip might feel like the most practical and easy option. All clothing can be freshly washed, no hamper items lingering around, and no suitcases clogging all pathways in the house.

Don’t get fooled by this seemingly innocuous trap; it can prove to be hazardous. [That bad.] Always pack in advance. Early packing gives you a clear mind, and time to remember everything you forgot–and make up for it before it’s too late.

Here’s the deal of packing with a list. Scurrying around the house and dutifully crossing off items as you deposit them into the bags will make your packing take forever. If packing kicks off some amazing endorphins in you, keep going with your list in hand. We’ll wait.

For the quick and efficient ones, this is the order: 

  • Create a list: This works in a clean environment, with a clear head. You can do this as early as a week before your trip.
  • Pack: Go around the house and pack whatever looks like it belongs in your suitcase.
  • Check your list: Once everything is in the suitcase, look over your list. You will most likely find items that you forgot to pack. Go fetch them and zip your suitcase closed.


To ensure that you have everything you need, go through a day in your head. What do you regularly use throughout the day? What are your nightly procedures before you go to bed? Tune in to the items that pop up as you visualize your routine.

If you have memories of an overly cluttered suitcase the morning after you’ve arrived, your method of packing into your suitcase might need some fine-tuning. Pack your clothing in sets so that you extract them in the order that you need them. Practicing packing right will help you stay organized throughout your trip. 

Invest in extra lens solution, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other necessary toiletries and keep them in your suitcase at all times. A toiletry pouch in your suitcase will cut out all unnecessary drugstore hunting for necessities that you’ve forgotten.

Packing for kids? Layer up or down rather than packing clothing for all seasons. An extra sweater will aptly cover for chilly weather, and peeling off an overtop will let the sun come through with no extra sweat. Leave the designer wardrobe for showcasing at home.

It is important to remember that, in general, if your vacation spot is civilized by people; you will be able to obtain items that regular people may need if you leave something behind.

Send your stress packing and enjoy your vacay!

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