When the sun penetrates more than skin-deep

Everywhere Aug 01, 2022

Tips for healing and relief of sunburns


Too much of anything is never good, but when it comes to the sun, results can actually be detrimental. Scan these tried and true methods when your anticipated suntan turns into a dreaded and painful sunburn.

First off, without the use of products or multistep applications, a good cool shower or cold compress can help relieve the pain and stop the burning in its tracks. Additionally, any cream that is composed of, or contains aloe vera, will soothe the burn, and eventually heal your skin.

Products that earn rave reviews for effectiveness and availability include “Banana Boat After Sun Gel”, “Cetaphil Soothing Gel Cream with Aloe”, “Cortizone 10 Cream”, and “Aquaphor Healing Cream”.

For those who veer towards natural and household products; “apple cider vinegar”, “coconut oil”, and “cucumbers” are known for their cooling and healing properties and work wonders for sunburnt skin.

Take note that the silver lining behind a sunburn is that once it is gone, a beautiful suntan will emerge.
Got pain? Suntan’s the gain!

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